Friday, January 9, 2015

Same Church as Christ

Hola Hola!

This week we had some really crazy, weird lessons. We went to this investigator named Jorge, who my comp had taught before. But he doesnt understand the apostasy and just has a lot of questions. He likes to talk though and so we thought the best thing to do would be to watch the Restoration video with him. We put it in and in the first 3 seconds when the leaves in the video fall he paused it to comment! He continued the video and then paused it about every 5 seconds! (not exaggerating) to tell us how it related to the life of Fransisco (who is fransissco!?!) or what he thought or some question. At first I was like how cool, I can literally hear his thoughts and I now know every single one of his doubts. But after 30 minutes of it, I was a Little annoyed with it. When it got to the first visión part, Hna Hellstern and I were just praying that he would make it through the whole visión. Which he almost did! Be he stopped it right before God says "Hear Him." We were like nooooo! But he asked a question like which church did Jospeh Smith attend? He went on to say how Jospeh didnt need to restore any church  and I said, your catholic right? Well do you think your church is the exact same as Christ set up His church? He thought for a second and said yes. I was like shaking and looked him in the eye and just said No. Where are your prophets, apostles, ordinances... I know with all my heart that the Church of Jesús Christ of Latter-day Saints is the exact same church that Christ set up. But you cant know this for yourself if you dont ask God. You need to ask with faith and that is why we are here! We dont want to fight with you and I cant feel the Spirit with this contention in the room, so our only invitation is for you to ask God sincerely. His attitude changed and I was on the urge of crying because I felt so sad he was just lost. He said he would pray, but he is so stuck in his ways and doesnt want to listen, I just hope that God can touch his heart and help him understand. Just so you know I have never flat out told someone they are wrong, but I felt it was needed and my companion looked so terrified when I said it. I still cant believe I did it.. But when you know the truth you just want to share it right?

But on a lighter note, we were eating at a member's house and she gave us hard taquitos and I wasnt sure how to eat it and used my spoon to cut it, as I did the taco went flying across the table! She looked at me and was like.. we eat with our hands here... My comp and I just laughed and I said Im sorry, this is why I need a Mexican comp so I can just follow her lead! I also had a person ask what my name means and I said Hijo de Pedro. She was like wow, that is amazing! What a beautiful name. You know that Christ told Peter that he was who the church would be founded on right? and look at you serving Christ! I was like thanks... Oh and my whistling comes in Handy here. I whistle down all the taxis and buses and people literally say I am a man. How sweet no? :) But we are still having a great adventure here in Mexico standing out as the White girls!

Que tengan una bonita semana!
Hermana Peterson

pic.. Merry Christmas from the Apuyeca sisters:)
I made tortillas
We had a FHE with investigatores to watch the christmas devotional and we told them we would bring the treats. We made root beer floats. They were really iffy about them, but loved it! Just sharing a Little culture:)

This talk I read this week and pretty much changed my life, highly suggest to read and study it! It came in Handy with Jorge.

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