Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hola familia y amigos! 

This week was a week full of crazy, weird things. First, I got sick and lost my voice. That was super fun talking to people all day, everyday when my voice was cracking and I sounded like a man. If people didnt understand me before, now they look at me like a crazy women! But as we were walking to an appointment, this man started walking towards us. He was wearing all black, shaggy clothes, hair in a mess, piercing, and a backpack. He yelled where are you guys from? We explained the United States and he looked so confused and asked if we spoke english. We said yes, and he then screamed speak to me in english. My companion looked scared to death and started speaking in english. He then asked what she said and got mad and threw his hands up and just left. Weird moment. We went to our appointment and entered the house and as we were talking to the 11 year old daughter, we heard the man scream "I want to learn about the Bible too!" The daughter lliterally ran... as did I! I wasnt going to be near the door if he came back. But my comp like froze and didnt move. The father came out and I still dont know what exactly happened but the man left. So we then went on to teach our lesson. The next day we were walking close to the same area and he said again I want to learn of the Bible! We were now in the middle of the street, very public, so I felt a lot more comfortable and gave him a pass a long card and invited him to church (didnt come). I think we are now best friends :) just kidding, I just hope we dont run into him again, he is very sketchy. 

We were in a class at church, talking about gifts from the Spirit and one of the converts started sharing her testimony. She said that she never finished school and didnt learn how to read. When the missionaries came by, they gave her the Book of Mormon and she didnt tell them she didnt know how to read. She started to study it with her husband and she just started reading! She said it was such a miracle and blessing. She had never shared that with anyone and I never realized it because she always reads with us and she is good. This family has almost nothing, but it is so amazing watching them grow. They need to walk far and then take a bus to get to church. They cant afford it, but they always come. They wont let other people take them because they say that they can sacrifice for Christ and always see the blessing. I really have learned that it doesnt matter if someone has nothing, but if they have a desire to follow Christ, God will help them and they can make it an hour to church. When we sacrifice, we are blessed so much! When we put God first, everything else will fall into place. 

I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the snow:) Love you all!
Hermana Peterson

pics.. just taking the youth through the jungle:)
our favorite.. churros! 
our fraccionamiento (dont know how to say that in english) but our house.

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