Friday, January 9, 2015

He is the gift


4 missionaries + 4 adults + 5 kids + 1 ford 5 passenger car = Mexico! Since our church is so far away, we cram in cars a lot and I honestly didnt know it was possible to fit so many people in a car! We also take a lot of buses everywhere because our area is pretty big and this week we got on one and like 10 minutes later my comp was like, "yeah, I dont know where we are! I think we have left our area and our zone.. woops." so we hopped right off and took a taxi back. Gosh, we get pretty lost!
Yesterday I had to give a talk at church. Every 4 weeks, the missionaries talk and it wasnt suppose to be our turn, but Bishop asked us to anyways. I woke up feeling horrible and ended up throwing up. FUN! Since there are 6 missionaries, one of them said they would give it for me. I felt too bad and said no, I can do it! As we got to church, I got a blessing right away. As we waited for people to come, I realized I didnt want to get up and throw up on all the audience! So Hna Ayala said she would do it for me. As I was sitting down, I just felt like I needed to do it. The Relief Society President passed by knowing my situation and whispered, "I know you have something to say that we need to hear" and
 walked away. So at that point, I told Hna Ayala I would do it. The bishop already announced that she was and I changed my mind as my comp was speaking, so when I got up everyone was alittle confused. But it was the first time in my life I didnt read my talk off the paper. I just started talking. I spoke about "He is the Gift" (the new video the church made). There were so many different ideas I just started saying that I didnt plan. I tried to help the members understand that WE first need to discover Christ in ourt lives and then accept him, and after we do that we will want to share Him with everyone. I  want to testify that I know that God loves every single one of us and that is why He sent His son. There truly is no greater gift than that! Through Christ we can clean and improve oursleves everyday and have the opportunity to live with our Father in Heaven again. I am so thankful for the Christmas season that we can remember Christ and share with all the love God has for us. I would like to comment that I felt great the whole time and I know that I was only able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. 
We had this less active member come up to us after church and just started crying thanking us for helping her come back. We only went to her house once, but I guess sometimes all it takes is a little love and reminder. I have loved working with less-active members and helping them come bcak to Christ. It is beautiful seeing someone remember and changing their life again. I really encourage you to visit and pass along "He is the Gift." It is a short but impacting video. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and always remember that Christ was our first and best gift.
Love always,
Hermana Peterson
Pics.. We had our Mission christmas party and every district had to come up with a skit. My comp was Santa and I was an elf. (President and Sis Kusch) 
At the ward party, they had 5 Pinata and I went first. I literally was so far away from it and was hearing so many people screaming and only understood until my comp started telling me where to go in English. I hit it right on the top and shattered it:) Luckily there were 4 more!

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