Friday, January 9, 2015

Half Way!

Yes, I am officially half way through my mission! I cannot even believe it. 9 months! It has gone by super fast. I feel like I have only been here for a few months. But I have learned so much and can't wait to keep learning and growing. I am not sure if I have actually changed at all, but I hope at least a little. I know that my faith has grown and I can say without any doubt that This is the true church of Jesus Christ and I know that I am suppose to be here serving these people. It has been absolutely beautiful to be in Mexico experiencing a new culture and making friendships. I love Mexico, but the people are really that make the difference. I feel blessed to be able to meet the people I know and be able to help them come closer to their Heavenly Father. And thank you for all your support and love through my little journey. 

We had another lesson with that lady that I mentioned last week. She studied a lot and we tried helping eachother understand the need for the restoration. We started talking about the baptism of Christ and she said how she wasnt baptized like that at all, but it doesnt matter. I tried to explain how He is the perfect example and we need to do all things as Christ did. She then took it too far and said wll then why arent we all baptized in a river. I then had President Monson's words come to my mine, "we need to walk as Christ walked, not where Christ walked." (glad I payed attention) She said that made sense, but was still full of doubts. In the end, she said that she needed to talk to her priest because she doesnt know her religion at all. We dont have another chance to talk to her and help her, but we encouraged her to pray and read the Book of Mormon. I hope we at least planted a seed. It can be hard to think someone will progress, and for them to stop their own progression. But I cant force anyone to do anything, and sometimes all we can do is plant seeds and hope that one day something or someone can touch their heart. 

Love you all! Enjoy your week:) 

Hermana Peterson 

fotos: We now have 4 sisters in our house! So my companion is Hna Hernandez now. well hope you enjoy the pictures... ;) Oh and I got an eye infection and cant wear makeup for 2 weeks! yay...

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