Friday, January 9, 2015

I will finally learn Spanish!

This week has been one of the weirdest weeks ever! First we had transfers! My new companion is Hermana Hernandez! yes, I am finally with another Latino after 5 months of Americans! She is from Mexico and only has 3 months on the mission. Which makes me the Senor companion... too much responsibility! But the crazy part is Hna Cortez, my old comp, left for 3 days and then returned. So we will be in a trio for about 2 or 3 weeks. I cannot say that I am a big fan of trios. But we are trying to make the best out of it! oh and I gave up my bed and am sleepig on an air mattress! SO FUN! We had a rough week of finding people to teach. All of our appointments fell through and we just walked our whole area a million times. My feet hurt. 

We did have a Family Home Evening with our ward mission leader (Hno Juan) and our recent converts. We talked about testimonies; what they are, how to get one, and how to share one. Hno Juan is a convert as well and just an amazing teacher! It was so spiritual. One of the converts shared his testimony about fasting and it helping him find a job. One shared how he came to have an eternal family through the church and another how he came to know the Book of Mormon was true. It was amazing! I just found it so interesting to find these people all down completely different paths, learning different lessons, and doing different things, but they all ended up at the same place. They all now know how much the gospel can benefit their lives and that God loves them. It is the best feeling to see a convert grow and share what they have learned. For me, I really learned from them as well. I can be timid or scared on what to say to complete strangers, but I came to realize that I really dont know very much, but what I do know I need to share. A testimony of eternal truths will take me a lot further, than knowledge. I know I just need to share what I feel and the Spirit will do the rest. 

Make this week fun! Enjoy yourselves and smile:) 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Peterson 

Pic.. This is how we all feel. Hna Cortez is ready to go to her new area, I am just stressed with finding people, and Hna Hernandez is just happy to be here. haha So welcome to Cocoyoc!

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