Friday, January 9, 2015

Little Miracles

Hey you all!

I was transfered today to alpuyeca in Cuernavaca! I didnt really see it coming, but with luck again I am with an American, Hermana Hellstern from Utah! She has a little less time then I have in the mission, so it will be fun! I actually havent seen my area yet. haha But I am excited to make new memories and adventures. 

Last monday, as I said we returned to speak to Neli. When we went her husband came home early to be able to talk to us too. We had only been talking for 10 minutes and her husband was in the middle of reading and the lights just went out! He left to go fix it and we awkwardly waited for like 15 minutes. He returned and we had light again... for 5 minutes! Then it went out again! By this time it was really late and we needed to go. He returned and said I think Satan is really work on us, because he knows we are trying to do something good! I totally agree. Satan knows this family will do great things and doesnt want them to have the chance to listen to the gospel. 

We were walking and this man came up to us and was like Im sorry but are you the missionaries? Can you come and visit me? He explained that he had met with the missionaries before and had been to church and has read up to Mosiah in the Book of Mormon. We were like SI!!! He had a lot of questions and is very excited to learn. He testified how he knew the BOM was a compliment of the Bible and helps us to undertsand more of the truth. It was really cool to meet someone who had this testimony of the BOM and he also said that he loves reading it and going to church because it clears his mind and makes him just feel relaxed and calm. so that was a little miracle for the day! 

We had the primary program yesterday and it is legit in Mexico! All the girls wore white with red bows and the boys with suits and red napkin things in their pockets and the teachers the same! They all match all cute. But the kids do everything! They teach them to play the piano, conduct the music, and even direct the program. The adults didnt do anything! It was really cool to see the older kids helping the younger ones. But it was about eternal families and it was so pretty! To see how these young kids understood the importance of the gospel was amazing. They were sharing so many truths that other people dont even know. What a blessing it is to be able to have kids in the gospel to give that solid foundation of Christ in their lives! 

Well I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving! I doubt I will really get to eat turkey, so eat double for me:) I am grateful for you all and to be here serving the Lord! Love you:)

Hermana Peterson 

pic.. my last district I just left.

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