Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Los Últimos Días!

This week has convinced me it is the last days! We had granizo y temblor! Which means a hail storm and an earth quake. It was pretty crazy! We were leaving an appointment and it started to sprinkle and the investigator offered us umbrellas, we said no its fine, but luckily she insisted! About 5 minutes later it was raining really hard that we waited under this meat tent? Then it started hailing! People were a little freaked out, because that is not normal for here. After maybe 2 hours it stopped, but it looked like snow everywhere! I loved it, it was fun and crazy! The streets were like ragging rivers. How fun is that?? Two days later, while we were studying, we felt the house shaking and I had no idea what to do! My companion said orar orar! (pray) I said okay, wait I dont know how to say earthquake in spanish! I am not sure why I just didnt think to pray in english... but it stopped in about 5 minutes. Our house was completely fine but we are on the 2nd story so it wa scary. I didnt see other problems execpt for one store had this metal ver porch fall down. So in conclusion, the world is coming to an end! or God wants Tepoztlan to repent ;) 

So my catch phrase here is ¨"no entiendo, pero esta bien!" which means, I dont understand, but its all good. I say it quite often and my companion loves it and finds it hilarious. But here is one story to explain that I never really know what is happening... We were planning for the next day and my companion wrote "yoguth" in our agenda. She said a member had a friend he wanted to introduce to us. I thought okay coo, yogurth is an interesting name. So for maybe 2 days, I was praying for yogurth to understand what we had to share and for us to know how to help her. We met with the member and went to see yogurth. She works across from the member on the street and we gave her a book or mormon and set up an appointment with her for another day. She then gave us yogurt and the member asked what her name was again. Thats when I realized that she sells yogurt and that is not her name! I felt s dumb, but its all good! Luckily I never called her yogurth. haha 

Marco, the investigator who came to church on his own, is amazing! He understands things so well and loves learning. We gave him a pamphlet and in the back are more scriptures and questions to answer. We never told him to do them and I have never seen anyone even fill it out. But at the next appointment he came and showed us that he completed it! When I was looking at his answers, I got a little teary eyed knowing that he is a child of God and is completely ready for the gospel! He accepted a baptism date for 2 weeks from now. I am so excited for him!! I love learning with him:) 

Oh and Happy Easter!! Here, you would of never known it was Easter! They call it Semana Santa (Holy Week). But from what I could see was it ment big parties and lots of alcohol! They have this tradition to dress up like spanish conquistadors and dance in the street. I guess it is making fun of them, I dont know why exactly though. But in church, they didnt mention the resurrection of Christ once! It was very different. It just is not a big deal here. But I guess the United States has it messed up to because its not about bunnies and eggs either. I hope that you were able to remember the sacrifice that Christ paid for all of us and that He lives! 

Que tenga lindo dia! (have a beautiful day) and know someone in Mexico loves you:)

Amor siempre,
Hermana Peterson 

One Month Down


It is crazy to think I have been in Mexico for a month now! I have loved every bit of it too. There are a few things that I have learned about Mexico that is different from the states...

1. They put their toilet paper in the trash can.... :/
2. there is no carpet
3. Dogs are everywhere
4. the paint 3 feet of the bottom of all trees white
5. Eat lunch at 3 in the afternoon and dinner at 8 or 9
6. Love American music
7. We wash our own clothes on this rock board thing?
8. Every block has the same small store
9. Dont usually have a door bell but just yell HOLA! 
10. Everyone wears shirts with English on it, that they dont understand
12. Lots f homes have their own chickens
13. They put chile pepper on everything! (especially fruit)
14. and everyone is very nice and welcoming!

This is just a few random facts of Mexico. But I love this place s much. I cannot stress how amazing the people here are. They are truly s humble and grateful for everyone and love everyone. I have learned so much in my small amount of time!

This week we were able to teach this young man, Jose, who is 18. He is very religious and knowledgable about the Bible. It was so great to teach the first lesson, the restoration, with him. We woud ask ask if he saw the need for prophets today and he would say oh yeah that makes sense because this scripture says this.. or just had a scripture to back up everything we said. It was really cool! We told him that we know this is true and culd talk all day about it, but it is necessary for him to know fr himself and to pray and ask God. I think it is amazing that we speak such grand and inspiring words and still dont just expect people to believe us, but to learn from our Heavenly Father. I know that God answers prayers and if you are doubting any doctrine or commandment it all comes down to asking God. If you believe that the Book of Mormon is true then you believe that Jospeh Smith was called as a prophet of God, then you believe all prophets speak from God and you should follow and obey all of their commandments. It´s a beautiful domino affect! So please pray for youself to know the truth of Jospeh Smith and the Book of Mormon! :)

I hope you all have a great week! I love you and pray for you always. 

Mucho Amor,
Hermana Peterson

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Conferencia General

For me to watch conference took a lot of effort! We were told it was at 11, which was wrong so first we came an hour late and then it was in spanish so I could only get so much out of what was being said. I was getting really fustrated with myself, because I just really wanted to hear from the prophets! I asked the Branch President if I could watch it in english and he gave me his ipad. Which was so nice of him! But it said I had to load an app or something... so yeah that failed! By this time the first session was over. For the second session, I went to the Bishop's office and we got it all set up. I was so excited! But then the video wouldnt work, it was really delayed and messed up. So I just figured out how to just listen to it without a video. But this time I felt overwhelmed but finally got it to work! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to hear and understand the words of prophets. What a priviledge! especially to know of the importance of it! I want to share one main thought I learned from each person I heard from...
Remember all men have their fears, but those who face their fear with faith have courage also- Russel M Nelson
Love people and God enough to show people the right path in their lives-Richard G Scott 
Disobedience shows that we love Satan more than Heavenly Father- Robert D. Hales
Never lose sight of the way, so we may always be connected with the heavens. -Claudio D Zivic
Try to understand why people do things and what they were thinking- W. Craig Zwick
Christ saved us, and we can help save our family -Quentin L. Cook
Have an attitude of gratitude. How much of life do we miss seeking for the rainbow, instead of thanking God for the rain? -Dieter F Uchtdorf 
Take people by the hand lift them up -M Russell Ballard
The gospel is not weight, it is wings! The gospel can carry us. -Jean A. Stevens
It is one thing to know that Christ died for us, but another to know he enlivens us, strengthens us, and heals us! -David A Bednar
Love is the essence of the gospel-Thomas S Monson
Knowledge and intelligence is gained through diligence and obedience-Boyd K packer
Live true to the faith-William R Walker
Our faithfulness through obedience will rescue us-L Tom Perry
The truth will always be opposed-Lawrence E Corbridge
Experiment the truth in you to test the truth of it- Marcos Aidukaitis
Christ lives! -D. Todd Christofferson
Im sorry that is a lot, I just wanted to share the wisdom I gained from such a great conference!
The golden investigator who came to church last week by himself, came for 3 sessions of general conference this week! We will start teaching him this week! We couldnt last week because of work, but I know God has prepared him for the truth.
Food is always a great experience here! My companion knows I dont like fish and at one appointment the member made fish. I happily ate it and it tasted better than usual (the gift of tongues ;) ) But my companion went on saying that it is my favorite food and I just love it! She was very happy and said she would tell others... So I cant wait for more fish to come! This other night we got a soup and when I got to the bottom there was something I can not describe! I thought it was a chicken leg covered in fat.. Im not sure, but I tried putting it in my companion's bowl and at the moment she moved her hand and caught it! She freaked out and threw it in my bowl. The new convert thought it was hilarious and talks about it every time I see her. She tells everyone about it too. People really only talk about food with me, because they dont know what else to say. I always get do you like hamburgers? Which I dont really, so they dont understand how I am American!
I love it here and am so happy to have the opportunity to serve the Lord everyday! I hope you all try to serve the Lord this week too and share the gospel with a loved one!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Peterson

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Buenas Dias!

This week has been a fun one, as they all are and will be! I had to give a talk in the branch yesterday with my companion. I was kind of nervous, but I survived! I spoke on the importance of members helping in missionary work. I have learned how much more success takes place when members are involved in lessons or finding people. I encourage everyone to help the missionaries in their Ward this week! Feed them,, give them referrals, or teach with them! No matter what you do, they will really appreciate it!

Mexico is just a happy, fun place! We have to take an hour and a half bus ride every week to Cuernavaca for a district meeting. This young man gets on the with his guitar and says something about how he is going to play for everyone so enjoy! He sings about 3 or 4 songs! I found it hilarious and awesome, but other people didn't think too much of it! We gave him a pamphlet, so I hope he comes to church and sings there too! Everyone always wears hollister too! It does not matter your age or gender, it is everywhere! I have not seen so much Hollister since 6th grade! For food, I had my first spicy dish! It was like fried cheese rolled in ham covered in this hot sauce. My first bit I didnt think too much of it, until my mouth was on fire!! Luckily they always have tortillas. I just ate a lot of tortilla with eat bite. haha It was fun! Oh and they never have just normal wáter, it is always flavored with something. (cucumber, lime, grape, cantalope..) It is fun to drink the "water" but sometimes I just want water. This one lady that we were talking to in the Street kept asking me if I would marry a Mexican and take him back with me to the States. I laughed and said no probably not. She didnt enjoy my answer and was very persistent in the idea! I still don't know why it really matters to her, but Im not here for men!!

Yesterday, we had this man come to church that we had never met. We talked to him and he said he was just trying to find a church that will bring him closer to God! I was so excited!! When does that ever happen?? We gave him a Book of Mormon and told him some sections to read. I cannot wait to teach him though! He is planning on coming to watch general conference!

We had contacted this cute, old man in the Street and taught him a lesson the next day. Im not so sure if he is completely all there though... He would only talk about the dead and said we were sent from the other side! We tried teaching about Joseph Smith, but he didnt really understand much of it. But he came to church! haha I could easily be wrong about what he says but i am almost positive he things we are dead..

I hope you all have a great week! Serve your family, friends, and neighbors!!
 Do something good today. and know someone from Mexico loves you!

Amor siempre,
Hermana Peterson

My house now is way better than my dorm at college. It is really spacious! My room is pink. We have a huge study with a great view and a big empty room for exercise? Google Tepoztlán and San Andres! I have two small áreas.. Love them!

 This toy thing is like the salt and pepper shaker! It is in the yard of one of the members! Pretty lucky kids

Yesterday was Hma Obregón's birthday! We celebrated with Mireya, the new convert, she is my favorite! She says she likes me because I talk, even though it is always wrong:) At least I try right?