Friday, January 9, 2015

Dia de Muerte

I hope everyone had a fun halloween and Mom had a great birthday! Here Halloween is the same, but very different. It is called Dia de Muerte (day of the dead) and it starts the 31 of Oct but goes to the 2nd of Nov. They put up tables for people that have passed away and put that persons favorite food, candy, pictures, and candles. They say the spirits will come back to eat the food. They then put a trail of yellow flower petals outside there house leading to the table. They go trick-or-treating for all 3 days. But the only houses that they go to are the houses that have the trail of flowers outside. (catholics) The kids go up to the doors and sing a like FIVE minute long song and then they get either candy (very rare) oranges, bread, bananas, rice, tamales, or money! They tradionally give the kids the food off the table. They dress up in costumes, but older people are mad that people have changed it to like Halloween. Before the kids only wore tradional dead people costumes, but now it can be anything. We actually sang at a few houses and got a whole bunch of oranges and bread! haha We even got fries from this pizza place:) It was nothing compared to the herd of kids in Walking Stick, but it was a good experience. 

This week I had this lesson with someone for the first time. We shared the restoration with her and she was very knowledgable about the Bible! We usually dont find people that can actually quote scriptures and know all the stories. But as we shared, she really enjoyed it and after we shared the first vision of Joseph Smith, she said that she believed it! That is very rare for people to say. But she is very catholic and couldnt understand the need to restore the priesthood. She kept saying how she likes her church, but she knows there are a ton of things that are wrong and bad. Which doesnt make sense to me while she would still go, if she knows it is not all true. So I decided to share my testimony with her. I said how I know that our church is perfect, it doesnt have a single blemish because it is not a church of man, but of Christ. Yes as men, we are imperfect, but the church never will be. After I shared that she had a different look to her. She didnt really say anything, but I really hope that she can think more about it and we can continue to help her grow in her faith. 

Que tengan una buena semana! Con mucho amor,
Hermana Peterson 

pics.. the table, the petal line, and some kids members on halloween

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