Friday, January 9, 2015

Knocking Doors

Hola Hola! 

My companion and I were showing people pictures before the mission and they all say NOO!! That's not you! What did the mission do to you?? So I guess not wearing make up for 3 months isnt a good idea.. haha. But fun news, my eye infection came back! WOO! So I wont be wearing make up for a much longer time! But It's all good. Nothing I cant handle right? 

We were walking in the street and when we dont have anything to do we knock doors. Technically it's not apart of our mission, but it works when we have nothing to do! So we walked past this house that had pretty christmas decorations and their curtains were lace and gorgeous! I told my comp, lets knock here, it's pretty! She said fine, you talk then. So I started contacting a man and he was like "We are mormons too!! Come in!" They were new to the area and hadnt been able to find the church (because it's so far!) and have had desires to go back after a year and a half of not going. They are a young couple and we explained were the church was and set up another appointment. On Sunday they texted us and said they got in a little car accident on the way to church and wouldnt make it. We passed by after church and they were all good and we sat down to learn about them. She said that she started praying and reading her scriptures to know what to do and the next day we came! So she knew it was a sign she needed to go back to church. (I learned God speaks to me through pretty things, because I cant say I really had revelation to go there) But she then asked us a very weird questions, "can my husband and I get divorced and sealed in the temple?" We were super confused! WHAT?? She then went on to explain that they own a company and cant have two stores in different areas under the same name, so have to get divorced to do it, but they dont have any marriage problems and actually want to get sealed. Weird right? I then said, I am going to be frank with you, the family is the most important and you need to put it first. You cant have your son forever if you put your job first and get divorced, that's just not how God works. They are unsure what to do, but said they would work towards the temple and just put their trust in God. It was an interesting experience, but I know we will be able to help them a lot and I am so thankful that they had pretty lace curtains that attracted me:) 

We have this other family that is golden! They havent been able to go to church because they couldnt offord the gas nor the bus. So they had been praying and trying really hard to find a job. He finally did and is now selling internet from house to house. He said he is with 9 men and he was praying a lot and he was the first one to have a sell. He gained a strong testimony of prayer. His wife went on to say that she has felt a complete change in her home since we have come. She said I now feel that I have Christ in my life and it's beautiful. A member passed by their house and gave her testimony to them and brought them food. She said she never has people over, but this member helped so much! She didnt have any food to give her children and she felt so blessed to have God answer her prayers as well. Her girls then started eating an apple during our lesson and the dad said offer it to the missionaries and he took one and cut it in half and said sorry, this is all we have. I wanted to cry. He was giving us everything he had and was just so grateful for us. They have both been trying to stop smoking and the little girls always pray for their dad to stop. They are doing so well! I absolutely love seeing this family being change through Christ. They say they have a lot of problems and challenges, but feel so peaceful and happy all the time and they know it's because of the gospel:) 

I know this gospel changes lives. We cant just pass through the gospel, but let the gospel pass through us. When we are fully converted we can help others come unto Christ and partake of His goodness! Thanks for all the support and love! Have a great week and enjoy the holidays:) 

Love always,
Hermana Peterson 

pics.. just in our little jungle! and the last pic is the girls we live with. In our ward we have 6 missionaries from 5 countries! Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Hondorus, Columbia, and the USA!

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