Tuesday, January 20, 2015


hey ya'll!

We just got back from climbing some sick pyramids at Xochicalco!! There are like 5 or more all together. It is really pretty and big! Oh and last week we went to a zoo... it had 5 animals!! (goats, monkeys, snakes, crocs, and a dog!) But the landscape was so pretty with huge trees and flowers. It only costs 10 pesos (less than a dollar) This week we were walking down the Street and there was a funeral with a crowd of people filling the Street singing. So what did we decide to do?? We walked up to people giving out families are eternal cards and telling them its okay! you will see them again!!  Not sure if that is illegal, but we got some appointments out of it:) We also had this group of maybe 12 year olds ask if they could take a picture with us! That's right... Im famous here:)

But we were a little lost, like always, and I asked these two men if they knew were a place was. After we contacted them and made an appointment to go back. I wasnt too convinced they were interested, but we went! One, Cloudio, is probably 65 or more. We talked to him and he is the coolest old man! He cant read, but really likes to learn and we committed him to go to church with us. We said we would meet him at 830 to show him were the church is.  He tried fighting us to meet us at 10am instead. We probably said 50 times "what time will we meet you?" We taught him the importance of church and it was a simple lesson. But he seemed humble and I still wasnt sure if he would go. SoSunday morning I called him and he was like, yes im getting ready! Meet you there!! We still didnt know... sadly we obviously dont have much faith in people. But when we got off the bus, he was standing there in his jeans and nice cowboy hat! We were so happy. He stayed for the 3 hours and was just a treat. I dont know how to explain, but he is so funny and cute! But I am realizing that anyone who has desires, can make the sacrifice to get to church. It is imposible and wrong to judge people and decide who is ready and not, so I need to stop. I am learning that it is always in the Lord's hands and Hna. Peterson really knows nothing and is just here to smile and invite! The rest is up to them and God. That is why it is so important to talk to everyone and not take the option away from anyone to listen to the góspel. Anyone could be ready and I dont know who is, so im going to talk to them all:)

I hope everyone can have a great week! Remember to read your scriptures, say your prayers, and always Hermana Peterson loves you! ¡Que tenga una bonita semana llena de gozo!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Peterson

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