Friday, January 9, 2015

Conferencia General

Hey I hope your week was great! 

To start off, I officially feel old. We were talking to this 11 year old and he asked us when we were young were there such things as cell phones! WHAT?! How old do we look?? 

But I had an amazing experience with an investigator, Marendy. She has come to church 4 times and really likes it and comes to the activities and knows all the members now. So we went to talk to her about getting baptized, because she already missed her date we set. She said she just doesnt feel ready and needs to know more. My companion is a convert and testified how much it will help her be a better mom and just improve her life all together. For some reason I have never shared my baptism with anyone. I just dont remember it that well, but I felt to talk about it. I started by saying how I was baptized at 8 and I obviously didnt know everything or much, but I remember knowing that my Heavenly Father loves me and I loved him, so I wanted to do what He wanted for me. I testified how we NEED that guidance of the Holy Ghost. I have never felt the Spirit so strong. I felt like I was being just hugged and smiled down at. I know that sometimes we dont understand everything, but if we know God wants the best for us, we must do His will. We told her that we wanted her to set her date and pray about it. She decided for December and said she would pray. I think she could be ready sooner, but it's not on my time, so we will see. 

Conference was great right?? I got to watch all 4 sessions in English! When there was a spanish speaker though, we watched it in Spanish though. But those men are so inspiring and truly guided by God. I would love to just share one thought that I learned from each of them, which I know is a lot, but oh well:) 

1.Boyd K Packer: Without the atonement, it would be impossible to repent, be purified, and move on, so never forget to use it everyday.
2. Lynn G. Robbins: I want self improvement not self contentment so dont lower the Lord's standards to men's. 
3. Sheryl Esplin: Do I prepare myslef to have a spiritual experience every Sunday?
4. Chi Hong (sam) Wong: At times we can't wait for people to come back, so we must go and get them.
5. D. Todd Christofferson:  Freedom doesnt come from resisting, but applying it. 
6. Dieter F. Uchtdorf: The church is not for perfect people, but for people to come unto Christ and be perfected. 
7. Dallin H. Oaks: Love is not contention
8. Neil L Anderson: Opposition sends seekers of truth to their knees.
9. Tad R. Callister: Our prayers are our protection for the day, dont forget to put your armor on.
10. Jorge Klebimgat: You cannt love God if you dont keep His commandments. 
11. Elder Gavarret: Venir a mi. Following Christ is an invitation of action.
12. Jefferey R Holland: I cant judge someone's need, just help. we all are beggers. 
13. L. Tom Perry: The only way to find lasting peace is to look to Him and live. 
14. Henry B Erying: God hears and answers me. 
15. Russell M Nelson: I will stand behind the prophet, pray for him, and carry out his instructions. 
16. Carol F McConkie: We may choose to rebel against the prophet, but that is rebeling against God. 
17. Robert D Hales: We love God and Jesus because they loved us first. 
18. James J Hamula: The question is not wether I will live again, but if I will live with God again; it's my choice. 
19. Thomas S. Monson: Walk as Jesus walked. Do as Jesus did. Be as Jesus was.
20. M. Russell Ballard: Advoid becoming distracted by what doesn't matter
21. Richard G Scott: Our purpose is to be tested, tried, and stretched! 
22. If you continue to live as you are living, will you gain the promises from your patriarchal blessing? 
23. Allen Packer: We dont set the requirements, but we must meet them. Which is a lifetime effort. 
24. Hugo Martinez: He who serves for something is good for something, he who serves for nothing is good for nothing. 
25. Larry S Kacher: There are currants in our lives that can take us down or move us forward, choose wisely which you take. 
26. David A Bednar: why do we share the gospel? Because we want to share the truths that are greatest worth to us. 

If you missed conference, I would say go back and read them. Each talk has at least one point that you can apply to your life and improve yourself. 

Love always,
Hermana Peterson

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