Thursday, June 26, 2014

¡Tenga Fe!

This week was amazing!! We made a goal to find 16 new investigators. Last week we only found 6, and the mission goal is 15 evey week. I dont think I have ever found more than 10 though. But my companion and I were determined, had a lot of faith, and went to work! Our first day, some random lady in the street refered us to this family she knew. So we went. The family was first back offish and then we talked about the unity a family can have through the gospel and the mom's entire attitude changed. She slowly went to find her kids and brought them all to listen to us. By the end of teh first day, we found 5 news! We were so excited and knew that we could do this easily with God on our side. Every day we slowly, but surely found more and more people that were prepared by God and ready to accept the gospel of Christ into their lives. I learned how much God truly helps his servants. We would contact someone that was referred to us and a lot of the time they were not there or weren't interested, but someone like a neighbor, mom, or sister was ready! When we did our part, God put people into our hands. It was so amazing to watch the miracle of finding more and more people everyday! We had a man just walk up to us and ask if we could help him quit drinking and he knew we were of God and could do it! We also had this member from another ward say he had a friend that wanted to get baptized in our area. By the end of our week, we ended up finding 17 new investigators! We exceeded our goal! :) I know that God was with us every step of the way. We had faith and worked hard, and he filled in the rest! 

We have now been showering with a bucket for 2 weeks! I took a 2 minute shower today! We dont have warm water, so we boil it and then bucket bath. It has been an interesting experience, but I think I appreciate warm showers so much more now! I also stubbed my toe yesterday and thought ouch that hurt! Then I looked down and my toe had a ton of blood! I realized that the tip of my toe was barely hanging on, so we super glued it back together! Im not sure if that was a good idea or not, but I at least have practically a whole toe. It does hurt in my shoe walking the hills here, but I'm tough! so it's whatever.. haha Lastly, I have learned that I am slowly becoming Mexican! Here they dont really eat chocolate candy or anything normal for candy. They all LOVE their chile covered gooey stuff... I dont know exactly what it is. ha But the first time I hated it and gave it to my companion, but now I actually enjoy it! I know I have been here too long, when Chile candy tastes good!

I hope you all have a buenĂ­simo semana and enjoy the sun! Oh by the way, the weather here is perfect right now! It is not hot enough that we are even sweating! That is a blessing in itself. It is the rainy time, but it usually starts raining at night, every night! Our clothes have had a rough time drying, but oh well. 

Con amor,
Hermana Peterson   

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