Sunday, June 8, 2014



This week has been one fantastic week! First we had the baptism for Marco. It was with two other children in the ward. Sister Obregon and I sang Lord I would Follow Thee. We sang 2 verses in spanish and 2 in english. I think it was pretty good! But the baptism was just beautiful. It was great to see the excitement on Marco's face. I am so excited to see his progress in the future. He just loves learning and wants to be better everyday! 

As for other people we are teaching, it has been a blessing to only focus on one city. We have found a lot more people to teach and they are really interested as well. We met this old man, Raymundo, on the street, who asked for a pamplet from us. (weird right) I talked about the church with him, while my companion was on the phone and he said he would love to have us come by his house. This was Saturday and he actually came to church the next day too! That is not normal. Getting people to church is so hard, we usually have 2 investigadors at church. But yesterday we had 9!! :) We talked to Raymundo about treating his body as a temple and not to drink or smoke and he said sure, that is a good idea. I will stop now. He is seriously a boss! The next sunday, yesterday, he brought his daughter with him. The day before we ran into his daughter on the street. I was walking by and said Buenas Tardes! She kind of jumped and looked really surprised and then said you are her! We had never met her and she said that her dad said he was learning from some girls about Christ and one of them is white and really pretty, but cant speak spanish. so she assumed that was me! Correct!! She said she wanted to know what her dad was learning, so came to church too! I am honestly so excited to see the progress of Raymundo and all of our other wonderful investigadors!

As for my spanish... At a member's house I was sharing a spiritual thought and was trying to tell them the importance of knowing Christ for themselves. I said "Es necesario cocinar Jesus." Which means it is necessary to cook Jesus. I meant to say conocer, which is know! But my companion said cook??? And the members just went with it. haha I can only imagine all the other things people just let me say that is crazy! So in conclusion, please dont cook Christ, but come to know him personally! 

One more thing, my companion says that I talk in my sleep... and in spanish!! She says my spanish is better in my sleep as well. haha One night she said I laughed out loud and she was so freaked out. I guess I am just always a happy person, awake and asleep! She always says my life is so funny and should be a TV show. I am just always laughing and smiling, and people find me crazy! I love it:) 

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week! Know I love you and pray for you always! Buenas Suerte:) 

Amor siempre,
Hermana Peterson 

pic.. Baptism! Marco, 2 ninos, and the people who baptized (hermano Reyes and Patrick) 

and this awesome tree! 

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