Sunday, June 8, 2014

Survived my first transfer!


Today marks my second transfer here. I will not be leaving Tepoztlán, but before we had Tepo and a small town outside called San Andres. We spent 2 days there and rotated every sunday. But this transfer they are having 2 more sisters just for San Andres! I am really excited to be able to focus on just Tepo. The scary part is the sisters have to live with us too. I thought it was hard to live with one Mexican and try to talk to her, but now I have 2 more Latinos! They are on their way now, so I havent met them yet. It will be quit an experience though. I have been praying for patience, worst idea ever! This will for sure teach me patience. I am hoping with 3 fluent speakers my spanish will sky rocket! But who knows..

As for my spanish right now, I can understand a lot more. I fully understand lessons. The hard part is when they talk about things outside the góspel, that's where I get lost. But It is getting better. I think I speak a Little better, but people still ask my companion for a translation after I talk! haha Its rough. My companion understands me usually, so I think people just dont try to undertsand me. They think oh another White, no way can she speak and give up on listening. because my companion usually repeats the same thing I say! Oh well! with time:)

This week we ran into a man that lives right next to the church and has been taught in the past but we stopped teaching him because he stopped going to church. Many people here like to have us over to talk and learn but they dont want to go to church though. So he asked us when we were going to come back to his house and visit. I felt to be very blunt and said, when you come to church, we will come to your house. He kind of backed off and looked really surprised. After my companion said that was a Little rude... BUT on sunday guess who came to church!! So I guess he needed to hear it in a more forward way. So we will be teaching him and his family again. yay!

Everyone knows I love kids! Here I seem to hang out with kids more than anyone else. I am always playing volleyball or soccer in the yard while my companion is speaking about things I dont understand. haha But I love the kids here! I teach them english and they teach my spanish and we are all just best friends:)

Well wish me luck with the sisters and language! I hope you have a great week and smile for me, always!!

Mucho Amor,
Hermana Peterson

pics..I learned to make tortillas!
this is the picture from last week with the conquistador
and hail

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