Sunday, June 8, 2014

When can I get baptized?!

Happy Mother's day!! 

I hope you all enjoyed your time with your families! It is truly a blessing to have those wonderful people in your life and never forget that! I know I absolutly loved talking to my family! 

This week we were able to meet again with Raymundo, the adorable 80 year old! We came to his house to teach him about the Plan of Salvation. But as we reviewed lesson one, we realized that we needed to focus on Joseph Smith more and help him gain a testimony of him. We reviewed teh whole lesson and then decided to watch teh Restoration video for 20 minutes. It took us about 30 minutes to figure out how to get that to work, but in the end thank you for smart grandchildren! As we watched the video, Raymundo was very focused. I know I felt the Spirit strongly and I know he did as well. After the movie, we asked him what he thought and he said he liked it a lot and then paused and said.. so when can I get baptized?? Hermana Obregon and I just looked at each other amazed! We gave him a date for June 7th and said what time? It was odd for him to want to know that specific I thought, but he then explained that he didnt want to miss his own baptism for a doctor's appointment. How cute! We then stressed the importance of him quiting smoking. He said he was working on it and he can do it! We then testified of how the gospel will bring so many blesses into your life. He said I know it will, because he helped me meet you two. :) I really just want him as my grandpa! 

This week we had an interesting experience with people from seventh day... I dont remember what the religion is called in english! We met this one women on the street and asked if we could come by her house and talk with her. When we acme there were two other men with her. She said she didnt know very much about her church, but these men did. great... I was a little nervous for this now! They believe that sabbath day is on Saturday so we had about an hour and a half lesson from them about why they believe that. It was just reading scripture after scripture and facts, that were mot supported well, in my opinion. When they finally let us talk, we mentioned why we believed it was on Sunday and they really didnt care about our response. So we just gave them a Book of Mormon and said this is the key to our religion. We know that this is a book of God and if it is true, then our whole church is true and we dont have to worry about what part of our church is true or not. Christ is the head of our church and he will not lead us astray. There was such a different spirit that I felt listening to my companion testify and them preach. So I know that the Holy Ghost testified to me that I am doing the right thing and am in the right place! 

I love you all so much and I hope that you have a great week! Remember to include God in your life and thank him for all the little things you have that bring joy! 

Mucho Amor,
Hermana Peterson 

pics.. we helped this girl paint her house and I like this picture because you can see the beautiful view through her door and the other picture is just to prove we always have fun together :) 

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