Sunday, June 8, 2014

Buenos Tardes!

How are we all doing? I hope that you can all enjoy the summer, as it is coming very close! Soak up the sun, but dont get too burnt or you will look like me! just kidding, I am still white. always will be. I am reminded this by tons of people everyday in the street! People love to just yell "wera" at me. Which just means white girl. But I dont undertsand why they have to say that when I walk by. It's not like we yell "mexican" or something, everytime they walk by. But oh well! It is true, I'm white! 

This week we were able to learn how amazing lessons can be when members acompany us! We asked our Branch President to come to a lesson with us for Joaquin. He has been coming to church for probabaly years, off and on, with lots of missionaries. He was the man who I said when you come to church, we will come and teach you. Which he did. My favorite part is that he brings 4 little kids as well. It is cute to see a man with children just so happy following him to church. He told us in one lesson that he knew the church was true and that the Book of Mormon was a good book to read. But we were not sure, what was holding him back. When we started the lesson, the first thing President Pineda asked was "listo por su bautismo?" (are you ready for your baptism?) Joaquin said yes. Which was nice to hear for us! Later in the lesson, we learned the only doubt he has is modern prophets. President testified of the truth of them and I think was able to help him. President has such a strong testimony and knows so much, that it made the lesson very powerful! I know we all felt it and I am so glad to know that the Spirit is with us in lessons. I know that members can help so much with lessons and help investigators understand that we are normal people and this gospel has changed our lives! I would really suggest this week to ask your missionaries if you can come with them to a lesson. They will be delighted and you will be able to participate in the work of the Lord and change lives! 

In Tepoztlan, all the streets are made our of big stones. Which is pretty, but I probably trip 5 times everyday! I honestly dont know how I have not broken my ankle yet. But yesterday, I fell down some steps at President's house and my ankle hurts a little. But I know that I can walk only because God is watching over me everyday! My fall was rough and it should of been a lot worse, but God is truly in my life, protecting my every movement:) Oh how I am grateful for Him! 

Que tenga linda tarde! Les amo:)  
Hermana Peterson 

fotos.. a member made us hamburgers and fries! what a nice change:) (she made me eat 2 and I couldnt do it! I dont like them that much...)
2nd foto, president Pineda, his 2 sons and Marco (our convert) for a FHE in their house with us.


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