Sunday, June 8, 2014

Como Esta?


It is great to see God's hand in my everyday. I know for a fact that we wouldnt be able to do anything without Him and need to rely on Him for everything! We had a lesson with a wife of a convert and in the beginning she was very back offish and I thought well we wont be asking for a baptismal date today! We had small talk for about 20 minutes getting to know her first. Once we started to teach, the spirit of the lesson completely changed. We were able to testify of the devinity of Christ and his desire for all of us to return to Him someday and how importeant it is to come to know him now. As we got to the end of the lesson, we both felt that it was the time to ask about baptism and she accepted! This just proved to me how much this is not Chari's work, but God's. He knows his children perfectly and we must ask for his help to help them. 

On Wednesday we had a Zone Conference with President and Hermana Kusch. and for some crazy reason President choose my companion and I to teach everyone! Other then us the zone leaders and stake president taught, as well as President Kusch. We were really nervous! We taught how the Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion. We cut out pictures and wrote out quotes. But I really learned so much about the importance of the Book or Mormon in my studies for this. The lesson went great and Sister Kusch came up to me after and said that my spanish is really good, and that I just need to be confident. A lot of the times I say entiende? (do you understand) and look probably way awkward. But I do know what to say, so I am working on saying it with confidence! People think I know more when I act like I do! So I might as well fake them out:) 

I do have a big awkward moment for the week though. We contacted this man, enrique, in the street and he told us where he lived and we set up an appointment. A few days later we went to teach him. We knocked on the door and a man answered. My companion didnt say anything so I said Hola! podemos pasar? (can we come in) he said no. I was way confused and asked why, he replied because no one is home. I then asked is we could return tomorrow then and he said no. At this point I didnt understand what the problem was, so I asked when would work for you. He looked at me like why are you talking to me? My companion then said, does enrique live here? He said no. hahah No wonder he wouldnt let us in! I would be freaked out too! But a lot of Mexicans look the same! ha We explained who we were and left. My companion laughed forever and said it was her best day! 

I wish I had enough time to tell you all the funny stories like this! My life is seriously a joke sometimes! But I love it:) I get a great balance of faith building experiences and comical experiences. I hope you all have a great week though! Smile and enjoy the sun:)

Love always,
Hermana Peterson

the picture is from our lesson, we thought we could have more unity if we matched:) 

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