Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Work of the Lord

Buenas Tardes!

First I have to say I love my companion! She is from Las Vegas and is so much fun. I can't say we speak spanish all day though.. But it is a very different experience with an American. We can totally understand each other, so that might help. What I love is that you learn different lessons from each person you meet and especially  wihen you are with someone 24/7! She is very bold. We have an investigator who has been coming to church for two years, but herboyfriend wont marry her, so she cant get baptized. The thing is though, he is working in another statefor months! So in our lesson with her we asked her if she wanted to get baptized and she experienced her deep desire and we asked what God wanted for her to do. She said umm.. get married. Hna Marx said what else can you do? She looked really confused and said I dont know. I then felt to be very bold and upfront. I said you have two options here... on, get married or two, seperate. She looked at my with astonishment and said I never thought of that before, as her eyes started to wáter. At that point I felt pretty bad. But she went on to say she knows she needs to get baptized and wants to, so she would give her boyfriend two options. She is thinking it might scare him enough to just marry her or she is hoping at least. But I am glad that I have a good enough relationship with her to understand that we are only her because we love her and want the best for her. It's crazy how much I learn to love people and so quickly!

We went to contact a reference we had recieved and she wasnt home, so we talked to her neighbor. He seemed receptive and Hna Marx decided to give him a Book of Mormon. When we handed it to him, he then freaked out and said I have goosebumps!! Wow that feels great, I know this is from God. We thought wow that doesnt happen everyday.. We came back another day for a lesson and after we testified of Joseph Smith, he stopped us. He said I believe it, I believe it all and not because of your words but because of how I feel. He continued to say that he had had many people and missionaries come to his door and we were the first that he let in and he knew it was not a coincidence. We were very excited and I know that God always helps his servants with finding people He has prepared. We just need to be obedient and diligent!

 We ate at the relief society president's house and after her dog followed us. He usually does but turns around after 15 minutes or so. We were walking across a bridge and the dog was just going crazy all over the road. We kept walking and then I saw in the corner of my eye, the dog jump off the bridge and sqeal! He had jumped 25 feet into an empty river! We freaked out!! The dog limped away and we had no idea what to do. We went to our next lesson and by the time it was over it started pouring rain! The streets were filled with rivers and we ran around in trashbags. When we got home, we remembered the dog and thought he could of died in the rain or something! The president then called us and asked if we had her dog. We didnt have the guts to say it jumped off a bridge.. we felt so bad! But luckily on Sunday, she said the dog returned really late at night. Man we were relieved!  God even protects stupid dogs.

Que tenga linda semana! Les amo muchísima!
Hermana Peterson  

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