Sunday, June 8, 2014

Viva Mexico!

Hola mi familia y mis amigos! 

This week Hermana Obregon and I organized a family home evening at the church for all the members. We wanted them to bring their friends for us to meet and all be strengthened in our testimonies. We decided to watch the Jospeh Smith Movie. We wanted to use a projector and set it all up in the church, but had big troubles getting it to work! We tried two lap tops, a DVD player, and the internet with the projector but NADA! So we spent probably an hour or more with this and finally gave up and just watched it on a little TV. Lame right? We tried! On the other hand, it was successful! We had a member make food for after that everyoine loved and people brought their friends and we were all up lifted by the great word of God! I love this movie and my testimony of Joseph Smith was strengthened so much! He went through so many trials and hardships, but never gave up his faith. He can be such a great example for all of us. God is always with us, through the hard and difficult times, as well as the good! Rely on him. He will help us with any problem or situation we are facing. 

This week Marco was able to bless the sacrament for the first time! That was really exciting to watch. My favorite part about being here is the opportunity to see people grow. Marco has come so far and just loves learning more and growing and it is fun to watch his progress. He wants to have a party in the church for us to celebrate his baptism and meet his family. Honestly, Mexicans love parties and will take any excuse for one! They have so many holidays that they celebrate with lots of food! All of those little days on our calender (teachers day, doctors day, grandpas day..) they actually celebrate! Meeting with family and friends and lots of food is always a good idea :) 

I dont think I have mentioned this but my legs are getting so ugly! The bugs here just love my blood. I probably get 6 bites every day! and only me. My companion just watches and laughs at my pain. Rough life ;) But I guess my blood is pretty sweet! 

Enjoy your week and have a little party! It is Hannah's and Bryndee's birthdays this week so why not everyone celebrate?? I love you lots! 

Hermana Peterson

pics.. this little house is our church! casa de oracion (house of prayer) 
and this is a members fourwheeler.. I miss mine so I asked for a picture, it is not the same though.. haha 

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