Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mold, bats, and babies!

Buenas Tardes! 

This week was an interesting week for sure. First my companion got sick in the beginning of the week, which means I got it as well by the end! How could I not? I am with her 24/7! So that made it a little rough to work, but we still went out there and did all we could! Also, we realized that we have mold growing in our house on about every wall. The land lady sent in men to just scrape it off and cover it back up with paint. Im pretty sure that doesnt kill mold! So if we just never wake up one day... you will know what it is from. Also, a bat got in our house one night! That was fun to see three girls just screaming and running around. haha But we did get him out! We also went to a baby shower for a girl in our ward, because she said she wanted us to meet her friends. I never thought I would go to a baby shower in Mexico! But I can check that off my list. It was pretty similair to the States. The games we played were a lot more confusing when you dont understand really what is happening, but that makes it more fun! We even played a game where we were blind folded and my companion fed me baby food... that's not weird right? But I had to make up for missing Emily and Bryndee's baby shower. 

We taught our first lesson in ENGLISH! Sabrina is 30 years old and from California with a little baby and married a Mexican. But teaching in english was surprisingly way hard and weird. I didnt think it would be, since that is my language, but we felt like we needed to speak more sophisticated since everyone actually understood everyone 100%. But it was a great experience. She said she had never heard of Jospeh Smith or his story before and really liked it and it only makes sense that we would have prophets still on the earth, because God still loves and directs us! So that was really cool to see her come to see the conclusion of that. Even though, we were like translating english to spanish to english in our heads, the lesson was still really strong and had a special spirit about it. 

This week I was able to see the progress of a few of our investigators. It is fun to see them come to the point where they realize how much they are changing and growing for the better. They start to see that what we are teaching is bettering their lives and they want to just share it with all their family. It is amazing how much just learning that Heavenly Father loves you and you HAVE a purpose in this life, can help people see life in different eyes. I know that the Gospel is truly for everyone and it can bring them closer to their Father and help them become who God wants them to be. 

¡Que tenga una hermosa semana!
Hermana Peterson 

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