Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hola Hola

Hola hola!

Mexico had it's independence day the 16th and the ward had a little party that we went to. Let's just say that is it so different from our ward parties! It was really cool. Everyone pulled out their long skirts and dresses and danced! Even the cute kids:) It was lots of twirling and swirling! I HAVE to learn how to dance before I leave and buy a sweet dress! 

We had a family home evening with some members and they have a little 3 year old, Manualito. He always will tell me, Guess what I have a girlfriend! and I ask oh really, who? and he says you! all creepy and cute! But he is such a funny kid. We were playing like a Mormom trivia game and his dad asked him, who died and suffered for your sins? He said all positive, David and Goliath! We just said... close. But it is amazing to see how much kids learn at such a young age, they are sponges for sure! 

This week, we decided that we needed to practice how to teach the trinity. I was role playing with my companion and I just kept getting frustrated not being able to say the words I wanted to say and it just sounded so confusing. So I decided to try again in a simple way. I started just saying how much God loves us and wants us to return to live with him. and at that moment it hit me that He really does love me so much and I started crying. I kept teaching and I said things I had never said before and it was just simple. But I realized that Heavenly Father truly wants us to return to live with Him, and He sent his Son to help us. But it really is all on us. We cant bring anyone with us to heaven and it all depends on what we do now on earth. We have these commmandments and we need to keep them to show God we are ready to obey his laws and we truly love Him too. At times it can be hard, but if we see the big picture, it is worth it! So keep up the hard work and press forward! God loves you so much and so do I:) 

Have a great week! love always, 

Hermana Peterson 

pics... The sisters let us try on their skirts and take a picture with them! 
This is Manualito :)
We finally climbed Tepozteca, a pyramid, that was a hard hike, but so worth it! 

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