Saturday, September 27, 2014

20 years old

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It is so weird that I am 20 now! woow. A tradition they have for birthdays here is that you take a bite of the cake and as you go to do it someone always pushes your face right into the cake! I got two cakes from members and both times my companion destroyed my face into that cake! I love how cake feels up my nose:) But it was a good day! We had a baptism! 

Vero was married last week to her boyfriend, who was a less-active. But once she was taught that she could have an eternal family, she wanted to get baptized so bad! She really has a strong testimony of the church and loves sharing it with everyone. So she got married and baptized the next week. We went to the baptismal font to fill it up and we couldnt drain it, so I literally went fishing for bugs to clean it all out in my dress! haha We then turned on the water and came back a few hours later assuming it would be all ready... But the church ran out of water! We tried everything we could think of after that. Our last option was there is a like well of water in the front of church, underground, so we had all the young men haul buckets of water into the font! It took like 100 trips. It was quite fun! I have never had an easy baptismal day. Satan really works hard on us. But in the end she was baptized and all she can talk about is going to the temple in one year to be sealed for eternity with her husband. 

There is a new convert of maybe 2 years and she is 19 and he whole family loves the church but the father won let the mother and kids go. The daughter got baptized after she was 18 and he couldnt do anything about it. She has 2 brothers who are 13 and 9. Them and the mother want to be baptized very bad, but the dad wont usually let them go to church at all. The 9 year old prays every night for his dad to allow him to be baptized. If anyone ever says a prayer without asking for his dad, he makes them redue it. He also decided that he wanted to read the Book of Mormon. So he reads it every night with his sister. One night his dad came in and yelled and was mad saying your not a mormon! He said, "No, I am not one yet, I still need my baptism." Im not exactly sure what he said to touch his father's heart, but his dad saw how bad his young son wanted to go to church and now allows them to go:) It is amazing the faith children have. If we all had the determination and faith of a child, so many more miracles would happen. I know this family will one day be sealed in the temple. It might not be soon, but it is in God's hands and timing. 

I love you all so much. Have a fantastic week and keep the faith! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Peterson

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