Saturday, September 27, 2014


Good afternoon! 

Well this week has been fun. My companion started feeling sick and then slowly it ate at me as well. I had a horrible migraine and just couldnt do much. We went to a ward baptism and let's just say I was worthless. I will attach a picture my companion took during that day. haha it's so pretty;) But by the next morning, let's just say the bathroom become our very favorite place! We were screaming to use it and fighting over it, so maybe it would be better to have one comp sick at a time. So I did miss church for the first time on the mission, weird. But we called our President and told him all the symptons and he said we probably have a parasite. woooop! So we will be getting some medicine the missionaries like to call "the bomb" today. Cant wait! But I will let you know how that goes for sure! 

As for a little miracle we saw.. we have this investigator named Julia and she has a 9 year old son. Julia is amazing and loves to learn! At first, she was teh only one interested and her son was kind of just forced to listen to us. But once vacation ended, she had to go back to work and doesnt have much time to talk to us. So we continued to just pass by and say hi. Her son started going to the church activities and loved them and then we would bring him to church alone. It was cool to see him completely change! But the miracle part was they live with their grandma and she never wanted anything to do with us. Julia said she spoke really bad about us and just didnt like her taking the lessons. But over time, she warmed up to us! At this one point we couldnt pass by to get Allen and instead grandma took him to the activities and stayed! She now is taking the lessons with us and is excited to learn more. I have truly learned how much children can help their families. They can be so much closer to God and just be open to things we as adults dont give a chance to. 

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week! Pray that I dont die;) JK I'm fine! Im in the Lord's hands! Love you all:)

Hermana Peterson

pics... bap=im dead
          waiting to eat with member=Hna Cortez is dead. 

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