Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ivonne and Mauricio


I have decided to tell you the long story of Ivonne and Mauricio this week. Ivonne and Mauri got married 2 weeks ago to be able to get baptized. They have been coming to the church for about a year now and finally got the money together to get married. They both had strong desires to get baptized and have big testimonies. We always have a pre-interview with our investigators before they have the interview with the district leader. As we interview Mauricio we found out he would have to talk to our President before he could get baptized. We also came to realize that he was still drinking coffee. He gave up alcohol before I got here and totally turned his life around, but just didnt agree with not giving up coffee. We reviewed why, read D&C 89 and told him if he wanted to get baptized, he needed to obey all the laws, now, not after. He was really upset and we said we could take the rest of his coffee out of his house if he wanted. He said dont you think you are being a little too pushy. We said no:) It's completely your decision, but we are trying to help you. We said we will say a prayer kneeling and after you can tell us what you want to do. After the pray he said, okay, you can take it. So we went to the kitchen and Ivonne gave us one under the sink and one in the closet and we left. (We might of watered a tree with it..) 

The next day Ivonne calls us crying and said that Mauri found out that she gave us the one in the closet as well and he didnt want to give both. She got mad at him and said you cant lie to the sisters and need to keep the commandments. She ran out of the house upset saying I dont know what you want to do, but with or without you I WILL get baptized this week. So we decided to go talk to him. When we went he wasnt there and we have to be home by 8pm, so we sent a member to go talk to him later. The member said he talked to him and everything was fine now. We were relieved. But when we went to their house with the District Leader, we could tell he was mad. He flipped on the leader, when he told him, he couldnt get baptized until he truly gave up coffee and still needed to talk to our President about other things. Mauri yelled at him and said if I dont get baptized Saturday, Im never getting baptized, and Im not talking to your President. So we just left him to calm down for awhile, not sure what was going to happen with him.

We were happy to see that he came to Ivonne's baptism. The baptism was so beautiful and spiritual! Ivonne is an amazing women and has changed so much to come closer to our Father. We had tacos after the baptism and I talked to Mauricio and asked how he was. He asid he was good and he is really happy for his wife, the baptism was very strong and peaceful. He said, can you send your mission president down as soon as possible? Im ready to talk to him. I want to get baptized! I asked how the coffee was, and he said he realized it didnt matter and he wanted to follow Christ more. He was completely changed and humbled. We have his baptism planned in 2 weeks.

It was a complete rollarcoaster ride this week with them. But it was amazing to see Ivonne's strength and testimony, as well to see Mauricio finally humble himself enough to come to realize what really matters. It's hard to see something so small stop people from doing the right thing, but they have agency. I know that when we put our faith in Christ, he will help us overcome anything and show us the way to go. 

¡Que tenga una buen√≠sima semana! Les amo tanto:)
Hermana Peterson 

foto: Ivonne and her daughter before her baptism

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