Sunday, August 3, 2014

Learning Faith

This week was one big lesson on faith! Every two weeks we get 900 pesos, which is about $74. Luckily Mexico is cheap! My área is the furthest área in our zone, so every monday we have to travel an hour and a half to Cuernavaca for Distric Meetings. Which means we go there once a week. But this last week, we had interviews with our president as well. We didnt plan on having to go one extra time though. So as the week started we realized that we wouldnt have the means to make it to and back to Tepoztlán. We decided to pray together with faith to find a way to have enough money to do what we needed to get done. The next day as we were walking to an appointment, I saw 500 pesos on the ground and got so happy! But we tan examined it and realized it was a kid's toy and was worthless. We continue to pray for the means and didnt know how it would work out, but trusted it would. As we left our apartment in the morning the next day, I said, "We gotta look for money today, keep your eyes open!" Right after I said that I looked down and saw 50 pesos! I reached down to pick it up and realized it with only the corner of the bill. I then went searching for the rest of it, and did find one more corner. But it was too small and worthless. We found this hilarious at this point and just laughed. The next day we went to Cuernavaca, knowing we didnt have enough money to actually get back. So we went to the bank! We decided we would take out our own funds. As we were walking to the bank, Hermana Marx was crossing the road and behind a  car was 200 pesos! Exactly what we needed! We checked to make sure it was all there and real, and sure thing it was! We were so happy and grateful! I learned two lessons in this. The first, God will help us, but we have to do all we can first. He isnt just going to always give us what we want or tell us what to do. We have to make our own decisions and do what we can and he will make up the rest! We didnt get what we needed until we found a way to solve our own problem. This is like the Brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon. God wanted to help him, but he needed to use his agency and come up with his own solution first. The second lesson I learned is that God has a sense of humor. In the middle of our trial, he helped us see the bright side and kept us laughing and our spirits high. He is not a scary and mean God, he is loving and carinf, with a Little bit of a funny side too! In conclusión, we made it home and we gained faith in our Lord:)

Another lesson that I learned was from the most humble women I have ever met. Anna lives in a one room house with a tent inside, where she sleeps. She only has a bag of sugar and flour, a jar of jelly, and half a loaf of bread.  But as we were talking about our Heavenly Father with her, she said, "my house is simple, but it is full of love." That is when I realized that so many times we become greedy and want so many worthless things in this life. But the only thing that we can take back with us to God is our knowledge and our relationships, so that is what matters most. We need to remember that love and family is everything. We dont need very much to be happy. Anna is one happy women and she barely has anything, but she has a family and knows that God loves and cares about her. I know that I learned a great lesson from Anna and I hope to always remember what really matters in this life and fill my home with love. 

Right now it is 61 degrees and everyone here is wearing Winter coats and sweaters. It is funny to see people in coats that I wore in Rexburg in -20 degrees! But the weather is getting to my companion and I as well. We wore a cardigen once and even made hot chocolate another day! Weird, I never thought I would want to drink hot chocolate in Mexico! It is seriously the best time of the year with all the beautiful rain:) I hope you have a great week! Keep the faith and press on!

oh and I had 2 baptisms this week!

Les amo,
Hermana Peterson

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