Sunday, August 3, 2014

Second area!

Hey all! 

So today was transfers and I am now in Cocoyoc, Cuautla!! It is probably 30 minutes from my last area.. haha But it is like a whole new world. I was really sad to leave Hermana Marx. We had to much fun together, but she is now training. My new companion is Hermana Cortez, who is from California. She already seems great! But it was really hard to leave Tepoztlan. I feel like that is my home. I absolutely love the people there. It crazy how close you can get to people in such a small time, and in a different language! 

oh so fun story... this week we were eating at a member's house and she gave us orange juice that she made, which tasted fantastic! We were eating this chicken dish that was a weeee bit spicy. So I was drinking the orange juice and I look at my companion and she gives me this like "no dont do it" face. I didnt understand and poured myself another glass. She then gives me the eye and wiggles her finger and points to her cup. I kind of laugh and take another sip. I thought she was making a big deal out of nothing and probably just saw the pulp. She realized I didnt get the point so she got her spoon and fished out this white thing and put it on her plate. I look at it and still think its pulp... until I see it start moving! I take a closer look and realize it is larva!!! At this point I was sick to my stomach. I drank 4 cups of the juice to get the spicy meal down! As Hna Marx gave a spiritual thought, I couldnt help but just stare at the bug moving on her plate, thinking I probably ate 10 of those! But Im happy to say it has been about a week and I feel fine, luckily:) So I learned to always trust companions, and dont question it!

My last Sunday in Tepoz we had 2 less actives came back to church. When we had our lesson with Itzel this week, she said how she took our challenge to read the book of mormon again and it has completely changed her. She says she has more energy and just feels happier. She was so excited to return to church since 6 months. She was all smiles in church! It was really fun to see her feel the joy of the gospel in her life again. We also had this other member come back and I saw his wife walk in without him and thought he wasnt coming again. My companion and I were upset and went to talk to her after sacrament. As I walked up to her, I saw her husband next to her and just screamed and jumped! I was so happy!! She said she thought I was going to hug him. But seeing someone come back to the truth and being changed is a great feeling! The best feeling:) This day I realized that I had complete and true love for the people there. My only desires were to help them come closer to Christ and help them know that God loves them. And through this I grew to love them myself. 

The mission is so amazing! I cant explain how fun and rewarding it is. I get to see people change and reach just a part of their potential! What a complete privilege! I hope you all have a great week and smile big:)

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Peterson 

fotos.. a sunrise outside my porch window in Tepoz and
my favorite family:) 

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