Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sure and firm :)

Buenas tardes mis amigos!

We met this cute old man on the street and he said his wife would love to talk to us, so we followed him into his house and sat down with his wife. She was 87 and cute as can be! We just had one problem... she was practically deaf and read lips. Which probably wouldn't be a problem with any other Mexican, but for us, we talk different and she couldnt read our lips too well. We would practically scream at her and it was pretty interesting. At the end, I asked if we could close with a prayer. She didnt reply and my companion just told me to pray. So I did! But as I was about 20 seconds into the prayer she screams all excitedly and points to the pamphlet, and says, I can read these letters!! They are big! My companion and I just looked up from our prayer not sure what to do.. I just said awkwardly amen? and we just started laughing. The funny part is that that has happened 3 times with us! I guess old people must not want to pray with us.. 

One of our investigators, Saul, is very interested in the gospel and really wants to change his life for the better. He says that he has been praying for years to find out which church is the true church. He loves when we come to teach him and says we just bring him a great spirit and joy. We always tell him to continue to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. One day when we came, he said I have some bad news for you two. He went on to say that he has come to the conclusion that modern day prophets dont exist because the bible says so. I was pretty upset and thought well.. adios Saul at first. But we then just asked him why he thought that and listened to his feelings. Hermana Marx testified how she knew that prophets are still on the earth and then I just had scriptures flow through my mind and stories to share. It was a really cool experience for me. I just knew what to say. We handled the lesson with love and not a scripture battle. It was cool that he trusted us enough to listen and ponder what we were saying as well, he wasnt closed off, but said he would pray some more and we promised he would receive an answer. 

I use to always wonder how missionaries could go home from their mission and not want anything to do with the church. From this lesson with Saul, I learned why. We are constantly asked questions that test our faith. People pour out all their doubts and feelings and we have to be that rock to guide them in the right place. But if a missionary doesnt have that solid foundation and is wishy washy, they will easily fall. You have to KNOW for yourself and not let other people's doubts destroy your faith, but build it. From our lesson with him, I grew to realize how important prophets really are for myself. I know that this church is the only true church of God and I only know this from the joy and warm I have received from the Holy Ghost. I really recommend everyone to ask those "why" questions and answer them for yourself. Brother Gogarty once taught me, "if you stop asking, you stop growing." So ask and SEARCH for your answer. 

Have a fantastic week and enjoy your summer:) 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Peterson 

picture.. sometimes we get completely lost and go for a hike through the forest.. wish I learned how to read maps before my mission! 

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