Sunday, August 3, 2014


Good afternoon!

This was one tough week. I never really understood what makes a mission really hard until this week. We have had the hardest time finding people to teach and it has been really discouraging. We talk to about everyone, but people aren't really open to hear it. We were just getting frustrated by this point. But finally we had a lesson in an investigators house and it was really powerful. At this moment, I finally was smiling and remembered why I was here. I could see the joy the gospel brought into her life and that she was wanting to come closer to Christ and her Heavenly Father. At times, it can be hard to see the good in our hard times. But when I was able to see that I was actually helping someone, I finally saw the good in the bad.

 Being in a new area is difficult. I have to start all over and make relationships with all kinds of new people, try to learn all the streets, and peoples names. and that is hard! Especially when I am blessed with my dad's memory ;) But I guess it has only been one week! Our house is bright green and peach. We havent had light for 3 days either and one day we didnt have water. What a humbling experience right? But I am sure learning a whole lot! 

We had this amazing Super Family Home Evening in the church that we planned for the ward and investigators. We had 4 stations with different topics: The Book of Mormon, Baptism, Sabbath Day, and Temples. We had families teach each one and it went so well! The leaders here are amazing! I am actually in a ward now. It is cool to truly see that the church is the same everywhere. Which it should be! It is the church of Jesus Christ, not man. 

I hope you all enjoy your fun summer days and smile big for me! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Peterson 

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