Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Buenas Dias!

This week has been a fun one, as they all are and will be! I had to give a talk in the branch yesterday with my companion. I was kind of nervous, but I survived! I spoke on the importance of members helping in missionary work. I have learned how much more success takes place when members are involved in lessons or finding people. I encourage everyone to help the missionaries in their Ward this week! Feed them,, give them referrals, or teach with them! No matter what you do, they will really appreciate it!

Mexico is just a happy, fun place! We have to take an hour and a half bus ride every week to Cuernavaca for a district meeting. This young man gets on the with his guitar and says something about how he is going to play for everyone so enjoy! He sings about 3 or 4 songs! I found it hilarious and awesome, but other people didn't think too much of it! We gave him a pamphlet, so I hope he comes to church and sings there too! Everyone always wears hollister too! It does not matter your age or gender, it is everywhere! I have not seen so much Hollister since 6th grade! For food, I had my first spicy dish! It was like fried cheese rolled in ham covered in this hot sauce. My first bit I didnt think too much of it, until my mouth was on fire!! Luckily they always have tortillas. I just ate a lot of tortilla with eat bite. haha It was fun! Oh and they never have just normal wáter, it is always flavored with something. (cucumber, lime, grape, cantalope..) It is fun to drink the "water" but sometimes I just want water. This one lady that we were talking to in the Street kept asking me if I would marry a Mexican and take him back with me to the States. I laughed and said no probably not. She didnt enjoy my answer and was very persistent in the idea! I still don't know why it really matters to her, but Im not here for men!!

Yesterday, we had this man come to church that we had never met. We talked to him and he said he was just trying to find a church that will bring him closer to God! I was so excited!! When does that ever happen?? We gave him a Book of Mormon and told him some sections to read. I cannot wait to teach him though! He is planning on coming to watch general conference!

We had contacted this cute, old man in the Street and taught him a lesson the next day. Im not so sure if he is completely all there though... He would only talk about the dead and said we were sent from the other side! We tried teaching about Joseph Smith, but he didnt really understand much of it. But he came to church! haha I could easily be wrong about what he says but i am almost positive he things we are dead..

I hope you all have a great week! Serve your family, friends, and neighbors!!
 Do something good today. and know someone from Mexico loves you!

Amor siempre,
Hermana Peterson

My house now is way better than my dorm at college. It is really spacious! My room is pink. We have a huge study with a great view and a big empty room for exercise? Google Tepoztlán and San Andres! I have two small áreas.. Love them!

 This toy thing is like the salt and pepper shaker! It is in the yard of one of the members! Pretty lucky kids

Yesterday was Hma Obregón's birthday! We celebrated with Mireya, the new convert, she is my favorite! She says she likes me because I talk, even though it is always wrong:) At least I try right?

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