Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Conferencia General

For me to watch conference took a lot of effort! We were told it was at 11, which was wrong so first we came an hour late and then it was in spanish so I could only get so much out of what was being said. I was getting really fustrated with myself, because I just really wanted to hear from the prophets! I asked the Branch President if I could watch it in english and he gave me his ipad. Which was so nice of him! But it said I had to load an app or something... so yeah that failed! By this time the first session was over. For the second session, I went to the Bishop's office and we got it all set up. I was so excited! But then the video wouldnt work, it was really delayed and messed up. So I just figured out how to just listen to it without a video. But this time I felt overwhelmed but finally got it to work! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to hear and understand the words of prophets. What a priviledge! especially to know of the importance of it! I want to share one main thought I learned from each person I heard from...
Remember all men have their fears, but those who face their fear with faith have courage also- Russel M Nelson
Love people and God enough to show people the right path in their lives-Richard G Scott 
Disobedience shows that we love Satan more than Heavenly Father- Robert D. Hales
Never lose sight of the way, so we may always be connected with the heavens. -Claudio D Zivic
Try to understand why people do things and what they were thinking- W. Craig Zwick
Christ saved us, and we can help save our family -Quentin L. Cook
Have an attitude of gratitude. How much of life do we miss seeking for the rainbow, instead of thanking God for the rain? -Dieter F Uchtdorf 
Take people by the hand lift them up -M Russell Ballard
The gospel is not weight, it is wings! The gospel can carry us. -Jean A. Stevens
It is one thing to know that Christ died for us, but another to know he enlivens us, strengthens us, and heals us! -David A Bednar
Love is the essence of the gospel-Thomas S Monson
Knowledge and intelligence is gained through diligence and obedience-Boyd K packer
Live true to the faith-William R Walker
Our faithfulness through obedience will rescue us-L Tom Perry
The truth will always be opposed-Lawrence E Corbridge
Experiment the truth in you to test the truth of it- Marcos Aidukaitis
Christ lives! -D. Todd Christofferson
Im sorry that is a lot, I just wanted to share the wisdom I gained from such a great conference!
The golden investigator who came to church last week by himself, came for 3 sessions of general conference this week! We will start teaching him this week! We couldnt last week because of work, but I know God has prepared him for the truth.
Food is always a great experience here! My companion knows I dont like fish and at one appointment the member made fish. I happily ate it and it tasted better than usual (the gift of tongues ;) ) But my companion went on saying that it is my favorite food and I just love it! She was very happy and said she would tell others... So I cant wait for more fish to come! This other night we got a soup and when I got to the bottom there was something I can not describe! I thought it was a chicken leg covered in fat.. Im not sure, but I tried putting it in my companion's bowl and at the moment she moved her hand and caught it! She freaked out and threw it in my bowl. The new convert thought it was hilarious and talks about it every time I see her. She tells everyone about it too. People really only talk about food with me, because they dont know what else to say. I always get do you like hamburgers? Which I dont really, so they dont understand how I am American!
I love it here and am so happy to have the opportunity to serve the Lord everyday! I hope you all try to serve the Lord this week too and share the gospel with a loved one!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Peterson

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