Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mi Casa Nueva

Hola my favorite people!

I cannot believe that I live in Mexico now! So my area is called the Tepoztlan! It is the most cool area for my mission. God really knows I hate the heat! haha So it is 87 degrees right now and gets down to the 60s at night. It is pretty nice! I walk a lot but I have not gotten burnt or tan at all! I dont understand why! That is okay though, I have 16 months for that! Tepo is a very tourist area. It is called the city of Magic. It is pretty small but beautiful. There are fireworks all day, everyday and parties all weekend! It is very lively! The nice part of it being a tourist area is talking in english somedays! Some people get excited to see a white girl who obviously speaks english and I dont think I have ever been whistled at so much! But It is all good! I love it here. It is for sure a very different county!

For one... I cannot figure out the bathrooms! haha Our house has a normal one. The church had one without a toilet seat, a member had a toilet and then handed me a bucket. I had no idea what to do! Another member had me go in the shower and gave me a bucket to wash it down. And I never know where to put the toilet paper! What a struggle. My companion finds it hilarios though.

My companion is Hermana Obregon. She is a native and 23 years old. She is great! I think she is learning more english, than I am spanish though. She doesnt speak english, but knows words so listening to us talk would be hilarious. It is a big spanglish fest. We get along really well! I was really nervous about losing my personality once I had to speak spanish, but I can still make jokes in spanish! She finds me hilarious, so I love her! 

My very first lesson was the 2nd day I was here. We walked to this new converts house and we taught sitting on the cement floor. She went through all her phone and facebook pictures and showed me family members. Then we taught about Enduring to the End. I had practically had no idea what was going on. In the middle of the lesson, she gets up, grabs two huge shampoos and hads it to us. I dont know if that went with the lesson or not? But either way I actually needed shampoo! We then started cleaning her house. I didnt know what I was allowed to touch and move, It was a bit awkward. We went upstairs to the kitchen to eat lunch, which was on the roof! She said I was very sociable. I guess the sister that I replaced was being trained as well and never talked and did not do much. I feel bad she didnt like it here. But I try really hard to speak! It usually makes practically no sense, but its all good! The only thing I really have right now is my choice of attitude. I try really hard to be as positive as possible and just smile! It can get frustrating, but I just smile my way through it. 

So everyone told me I would get really fat serving in Mexico, but we only really eat one meal a day! In the morning we have cereal or toast, whatever we make and then eat with a member at 2 or 3. It is always soup! Which I do not understand. It is so hot, why serve a hot dish! But it tastes good. Then they give up some sort of chicken with rice, beans, or veggies and always always tortillas! It really is not what I expected for food, different then any of our mexian food. Oh and I havent had anything spicy! So far.. 

In one lesson, I was having a hard time getting a word in and I couldnt exactly follow the lesson. I know some of the words they say but I am not getting the full sentence. I kept thinking to tell the investigator, I do not know you, but I know God does, so please ask him what is in your heart and He will help you. She seemed to be pleased with it and then I shared a small testimony that God answers prayers and knows us all. I still dont know if it really went with the lesson, but it worked! 

Oh and everyone kisses on the check! I have probably kissed 100 women on the check and on accident one man... They are very friendly and accepting people. No body really rejects us. We arent suppose to knock doors, it just isnt that effective. We talk in the street all day with people and our area has a ton of less active members, so we visit them a lot. I try really hard to pay attention and follow the lessons. I can uinderstand my companion, but we barely get to teach! People talk for days just about one question. So once they get going, there is no stopping them! That is when I get lost. But it has only been one week! Lots of people help me and encourage me to talk. They are excited that I am learning spanish and so many people love practicing there english with me. It usually is really weird and doesnt make much sense! So I know how I probably sound. haha rough life! 

Im sorry this is so long! I just want to say so much and I am probably boring you all by now. If you have any specific questions ask them up! I miss you and love you! Have a fantastic week! 

Con amor,
Hermana Petersn

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