Monday, March 17, 2014

Cinco Dias Mas!!


I got my travel plans and I leave on Monday, the 17th! My flight is at 8:30 am but we have to get up meet at 4:30! That will be one really long day! I have a layover in Atlanta, Georgia. It seems like a weird place to go to get to Mexico.. But oh well! I wont get to Mexico until about 7 pm. How exciting! I know right when I get off the plane I will realize I can't understand anyone. So that will be a fun experience! It will probably be the first time in my life where I will actually be quiet and reserved. But the time here has just gone by so fast! I am so grateful for the 7 girls in my district! We are all so close and they have already changed my life. Each one of them are amazing sisters and will touch so many people with their love for the Savior. 

Sundays here are pretty weird. Sacrament meeting is in Spanish and they have everyone prepare a 5 minute talk in Spanish. They don't announce who is giving the talk until after the sacrament. So yes it is pretty stressful! But guess who was the lucky winner this week?? Hermana Peterson!! The topic was on "Fe in Jesucristo" (Faith in Christ). I pretty much just read off my paper and then shared my simple testimony. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I lived for sure! But for our last Sunday my district is going to sing "Come thou Fount." I would highly suggest you to look it up if you do not know the song. It was taken out of the hymn book, but it is such a great song! 

On Monday, we skyped this young man who is living in Nicaragua. His name is Walter and he is 25 years old. We had to teach him a lesson over skype. weird right? But it was so cool! We started to get to know him and found out that he is the Seminary teacher for the youth. He wasn't going to do it this year, but the kid's begged the bishop to have him come back! He said he goes and tries to find more kids every week to come to his class. He loves it! It was inspiring to me to hear his story. I always knew youth everywhere were doing the same thing as we are, but it didn't really hit me until then. It is so amazing to think everywhere around the world people are trying to follow Christ and stay strong in this difficult place. We told him to tell his class thank you for their examples for us and he asked to record a video of us. So we were able to thank them and share a small testimony with them! It was so cool. I just thought how excited I would of been to have some girls from another country trying to speak my language and thanking me. I know it wasn't probably correct Spanish, but it was a nice experience. so please remember people everywhere are choosing the right!!

Hermana Capener and I were able to teach the law of Chasity and the word of wisdom this week. It was our first time with either and we thought it could be a little awkward, but it was great! I have learned the invitation to repentance is an invitation to love. People can only improve themselves and return to God by repentance. So why would I be scared to help them change and improve? By breaking these two laws they are not allowing the Holy Ghost to be in there lives. I would not want to live without the constant help of the Spirit! By disobeying, they are pushing Christ aside. So please remember that repentance is a great thing and should be used constantly! It might be difficult, but it is necessary for us. 

Our teacher Hermano Chatterly is the best! We all get along with him so well. He is like our big brother. During our class yesterday, one of the girls asked him a question and he turned around to write it on the board. As he was turned around we all put on green and orange mustaches. Then Hermana Tidwell said, "I must-ache you a question." He turned around looked at Tidwell and Naut really confused. He was not sure what to think and then he saw orange in the corner of his eye and noticed we all had them on. He freaked out! His jaw dropped and his eyes popped out! he said "this is the best thing that has ever happened to me!" We all laughed so hard. Who would expect a room full of sisters to have some sick staches on! 

Well I hope that you all have a fantastic week! Remember to keep smiling and thank God for all the amazing miracles in your life! Please pray for my safety and speaking abilities in Mexico! I love you very much!

Love always,
Hermana Peterson 

Pics.. Mexico here we come!
and the two Elders were our Zone Leaders. They left to Argentina last Monday!

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