Monday, March 10, 2014

Hola! Cómo estan?

I hope you had a great progressing week of fun and wisdom! Thank you everyone who has been writing and emailing me. It is a great encouragement! 

This week as all fly by so quickly! Tomorrow we get travel plans and then I leave the next week! Say what?!? That is so crazy! It has been super fast! I know my spanish is not ready at all, but I know that God will help me once I get down there! It will be a whole new adventure. Can't wait!!

This last Sunday was fast Sunday and it was great! My zone all shared the testimonies in spanish and I didn't understand all of it but I could feel it so much more. It was great, because I have to rely on the Spirit because I cant understand everything! So it was a great experience. I shared my testimony and it was really simple. I cant say anything complicated and I felt so much power behind my simple words of truth. I love that I have the ability to have and share the Holy Ghost everyday with people around me. I know we all have this chance, so I would really encourage to appreciate the Spirit in your life and take time to feel His presence. 

Yesterday, Hna Capener and I taught the first lesson to Gabriel. He is such an amazing man! He opens up and shares so much love to us. We were talking about the 1st vision and he paused and said Joseph saw God and Jesus?? He was completely astonished by this. He was in deep thought and I never really thought how amazing and incredible this really is. I looked him in the eye and said yes, I know that he saw God and Jesus and I know that he is a prophet of God and restored His same church today! I asked him if he believed this and he thought about it and my companion said it is okay, and he said No, No! I think it is incredible and I do believe it! That has been one of my favorite experiences so far! It helped me truly know that I believe in the truth of this gospel and love it so much! 

Yesterday, we got 6 new sisters in our zone. I was able to help some of them get situated and answer lots of questions! I loved helping these hermanas and confirming that this is where they are suppose to be now. It is amazing to see the light in all the people around me and have them uplift me daily! I love being a missionary!

One of the sisters in my district told me that I have a face of a Disney princess! haha She told me that I should work at Disneyland! We all know that has been a dream of mine since I was little! So maybe I should actually try it when I get back! Either way I am a princess of God right? :)

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Please keep me in your prayers as I learn a new language and learn to help people come closer to Christ! 

Con todo mi corazon,
Hermana Peterson 

pic.. Capener and my attempt of heel clicks!
we all wore black and white!

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