Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's for real now!

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But this is hermana Capener! We often match.. it's weird:) And the other pictures are of some of my district!

Esta Bien! 

I am sorry I haven't been able to talk to anyone for over a week! My P-day isThursday, so I had to skip my first one. But thank you all for sending Dear elders! Those are freaking bomb! I still don't even believe that I am a missionary. It's loco! 

As for the MTC, I feel the first thing I should say is that I haven't cried yet! I am pretty impressed with that! I guess you raised me right, I can actually do things on my own. haha But the MTC has one huge main campus and then West campus for all the crazy Spanish speakers. So that obviously puts me on the west campus. It is so awesome! I live in the Wyview apartments (Bryn did once right?) and my classrooms are in RainTree. So we have to bus up to the main campus just forSunday and Tuesday Devotional. I love West just because everyone is speaking spanish, so it is our own little village! When we go to main, people think we are all crazy though. 

As for the beautiful language of spanish, I can say that I am way better already! But I for sure need 18 more months to figure it all out! The 3rd day we were here, my companion and I had to give a lesson in spanish!!! It was crazy. I have already taught 5 Spanish lessons... whatttt? I have to be completely honest and say that we script out a lot of it, and we need to get over that! We ask our investigator all sorts of questions and I get about every 4th word she says.. haha So I understand the main point of her answer, but it is difficult! I have to focus on her really hard! I must say learning a language is the hardest thing I have ever done!! But the best thing I have realized while being here is that I know I cannot do it on my own. My heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are there to push me on and help me every step of the way. When I think I just can not do this, I remember that this has nothing to do with me! I am learning this language so that I can bring some people in Mexico closer to Christ. I am just a tool and it is a refining process the whole way. I really can not wait to just be able to listen to my spanish teacher and actually understand every word! But I need to be patient and continue to work hard and it will come:) The second day I was reading preach my gospel and I turn to my companion, way too excited, and say I am reading fluently!!! Oh wait... that is English. hahah I must say I have some serious problems now! But yesterday, I answered a question and my teacher laughed and said "Hermana Peterson, you are sunshine on a cloudy day! Please never change!" He is a really good teacher, I have much to learn from him. 

I think the greatest blessing so far is my district! It is very unusual to have a district of 8 sisters, but that's what i got! Which we all know is exactly what I needed! We are all so close. It's only been one week and we have planned meeting up after the mission! Love them!! But as for my companion... oh my goodness, I adore her! I think we were long lost friends! We are so alike and have so much fun together! Everyone constantly tells us we are perfect and they just love watching us. Her name is Hermana Capener and I feel so blessed to have her! 

Super awesome story... my Branch President is President Blackham! We are totally cousins, we talked about Martha and her sons coming to America. It was way cool! So I do have some family with me here!

My embarrassing story of the week is pretty great. I was eating lunch with my zone and I sat across from Elder Guy and I had never met him, so I asked about his family and he said he had 15 brothers and sisters! I then asked how old his mom was and he said 37! I couldn't believe it!! I was so astonished as I put my Juice down, and I completely spilled it all over him! I felt horrible. But what was I to think 15 babiesss?? Dang! 

Yesterday I went to Salt Lake to get my Visa! They said they will send in next week. So I will for sure be going to Mexico by March 17! Crazy stuff! 

As for my first week as a missionary, I have already learned so much. I am absolutely grateful to have the opportunity to be able to Serve my Lord everyday! I can not think of anything else I would rather do right now. I have gained a greater love already for my Savior and all people around me. It is insane how fast I start loving people and wanting the very best for them! I hope you all continue to have a great week! Please keep me in your prayers as I try to learn spanish. I need all the help I can get! 

I love you all so much! 

Hermana Peterson 

Spanish phrase of the week... si, se puede! (yes, we can!)

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